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For most startups with limited resources, building a great product that customers want to pay for is challenging. Building that product with limited resources is even more difficult. In VALIDATE, participants will learn how to design a Minimum Viable Solution and get customer feedback quickly without having to spend any money. Through multiple iterations within … Continue reading Validate


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Many startups fail for the simple reason that founders build a product based on what they want, not on what customers actually want. DISCOVER is an applied education program that teaches entrepreneurs how to interview customers to learn their frustrations, aspirations, and motivations for buying products and services. Participants will leave the course having a … Continue reading Discover

Startup Primer

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An introductory program for idea-phase founders that condenses topics of business model design, intellectual property strategy, fundraising and more into a single evening workshop. 63 attendees 97% recommend to others 8.49/10 overall customer satisfaction rating