Health-tech Mashup

Health care is one of the most difficult sectors for startup to succeed in. The combination of heavy regulation and long sales cycles (at least in Canada anyways) means startups working in this sector often struggle to gain momentum.

To aid these startups, I started the Health-tech Mashup, a monthly meet-up of Calgary-based startups developing cutting-edge health technology. The goal of the Mashup is to build relationships between startups working in all areas of the healthcare sector and share knowledge and connections gained by mature startups in this sector.

Membership in the Mashup is curated so only full-time entrepreneurs actively building or selling product are eligible to attend (this restriction maintains a high caliber of discussion). Some of the areas members are working in are:

  • Cardiovascular diagnosis and workflow management
  • Therapeutics for repetitive-strain injuries
  • Devices for stroke rehabilitation
  • Appointment scheduling and reminders for primary care clinics
  • Personal health reports for patients
  • Secure messaging between clinics and electronic medical records

If your company meets the above mentioned criteria and is interested in joining the Mashup, please contact me.

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