Clearing out iMessages/Messages attachments folder

I’ve been trying to free up precious disk space on my Macbook Air in order to run VMWare for work a little better. My 2011 MBA only has a 128 GB disk, which is less than ideal not only for personal use but also for running work’s large desktop image.


I used a tool called OmniDiskSweeper, which indexes your disk and sorts all your folders by size in descending order. I learned that my attachments folder, which stores all the images, audio, and video attachments in my Messages conversations, was a whopping 1.6 GB! Nothing worth saving here, so time to delete it all!


Go to your ~/Library/Messages/Attachments folder, select all the files, and delete (Command-Backspace, or select FileMove to Trash.


Good bye goofy images, hello 10{02bfab78f16f002c08760f775fda675c0b55ee985408240fc63525afee6ba1cf} more disk space.

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